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December 4, 2016
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Helping Home Buyers Avoid Mistakes and Get Great Rates

Are you considering buying a home, but need financial help with a mortgage?

As a Vancouver based Mortgage Financing Specialist with TMG - The Mortgage Group, my sole dedication is in helping first time homebuyers throughout Metro Vancouver find the best mortgage. My services provide some of the most important financial information a first time homebuyer will need.

" I had done my homework about mortgages before calling Shamira, however, she brought up things that I had not known about that will save me a lot of money".
-Alym M.

Your Best Interests at Heart

My hands-on approach guides you through the entire process -- step by step, from application until your loan has been funded. Unlike traditional means of financing, I have access to a wide variety of funding options that you may not otherwise know about or have access to.

Banks have their best interest in mind. I am an experienced professional on your side who has YOUR interest in mind. Instead of stress, confusion, or navigating hidden terms, I offer a flexible schedule, critical industry knowledge and invaluable problem solving.

My Services Are Completely Free

Best of all, MY SERVICES ARE FREE! I can help you turn your home ownership dream into a reality!

Read more about how I can help you save money as a First Time Home Buyer or through Mortgage Renewal and Refinancing.



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